Why a crowded table?

For years I’ve loved the idea of a meal at a big table surrounded by people. They might be friends, family or complete strangers… it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that they’re all there, together, enjoying each other’s company. The table is outdoors, probably in the shade of a vine-covered pergola. There are big pots filled with lavender on the gravel surrounding the table, scenting the warm air. The conversation bounces to and fro across the table. And then there’s the food… great food. Food for sharing.

This table exists only in my imagination, but there’s no harm in trying to create a little part of it each day at home. That’s what this blog is all about… good food for sharing. Whether you’re cooking everyday meals for yourself and your family, dinner for a group of friends or a feast for guests from far and wide, I hope you’ll find inspiration here at my crowded table.



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